Haggis Cup 2018 Team Announcement

After our final training session on Tuesday night the coaches had a look at the list of players available for the Haggis Cup and have selected strong sides going into the tournament.

With a few injuries to both the mens and womens sides the selections show the level of depth we have at the club. Speaking about the squads, Head Coach Stephen Connor had this to say “We are tremendously pleased with the level of enthusiasm everyone has show to this Tournament and for the year ahead, we all believe as a club we can achieve great things. The playing group as a whole came together just before preseason and decided that they would put in a lot of hard work to make sure they gave themselves the best possible chance of succeeding. We are looking forward to seeing how some of the structures and plans we have worked on over the winter come together in a competitive game environment and give us a chance to see what we need to work on before the start if the SARFL season at the end of the month. Coming away from the tournament injury free, seeing that everyone knows and understands how we want to play football and more importantly making sure everyone has enjoyed the day is my first goal, walking away with some silver ware would be great though that is secondary to me.”

Both Mens and Womens sides are listed below, make sure you get along to West of Scotland Rugby Club this Saturday 14th!


Haggis Cup Build Up

The Haggis Cup is the AFL Scotland pre-season cup tournament which attracts mens and womens teams from across the UK to compete in the one day style event.

The Sharks have been playing in the Tournament since its inception and will competing again in 2018. Being held at West of Scotland Rugby Club Milngavie on April 14th, the mens team will be using the tournament as final preparations for the SARFL season and the womens team will be looking to back up an impressive performance at the Leprechaun Cup last month.

Our men and women have been polishing their skills and preparing for the season coming in our CAFL competition and there have been some exciting games and great performances from some players who will no doubt be pushing for selection in the Haggis Cup. A few players featuring highly on the CAFL MVP Points table will surely give the coaches something to think about should they be available.

From the Womens team Caroline Sellar, Stacey Hughes and first year player Jennifer Treacey all stand out on the CAFL MVP Points table. The three competed and did a terrific job for the club while at the Leprechaun Cup and each bring their own unique talents and abilities to the team. Head Coach Stephen Connor had this to say – ” Our womens team have gone from strength to strength this year with some valuable additions to the side and some of our key players taking their game up a notch. Caroline Sellar and Stacey Hughes are helping shape our club in a positive manner, influencing club standards and continually improving themselves to show the way forward to other members of the playing group and Jennifer Treacey who comes from a Gaelic background has been terrific for the team, she really takes the game on and thats pleasing to see from a newer player.”

There are a couple of first year mens players that feature very highly on the CAFL MVP Points table and should they put their hands up for selection the coaches would be looking to try and fit them into the side, Joe Perry and Pat Cremin both came to the club at the end of 2017 and impressed early on with their fitness and natural ability. The newcomers paired with some established and improving talent at the club all give the coaches difficult choices coming up. Some of our well known Sharks having started the year well in Adam Jack, Derek Smith and John McIntyre all have scored well in their CAFL games Coach Stephen Connor spoke about the mens team “Joe and Pat are both a welcome addition to the team and since joining the club at the end of last season they have had a full pre-season to get to grips with the game, their CAFL performances have been great to see and they certainly deserve to feature so highly on the votes table. The other players you mention here have all fully bought into the clubs ethos set at an early stage in our pre-season, the whole playing group got together to discuss what they wanted to get out of the season ahead and how they were going to accomplish that. The standards set have been driven by a bunch of players but Adam Jack as club Captain has certainly been keen to make sure we capitalize on the playing groups mind set and professionalism. Derek Smith has held our clubs 5k time trial record for sometime now but has been constantly improving his time over the winter and has gotten it down to a very respectable time, Derek own self competitiveness is definitely helping drive some of the playing group to better themselves. John McIntyre has been putting a lot of effort into his own fitness, this coupled with keeping the whole playing group accountable to the team rules has certainly shown his leadership ability grow again this year.

Keep an eye out this week as our Haggis Cup squad selections will be announced.


Makos Fight Hard For Win


Match Report

The last scheduled round of the CAFL was a high scoring and tough affair!

Both sides were competing for something, the Tigers were looking for the first win of the season and the Makos looking to finish first on the ladder.

The first quarter saw the Makos make a strong statement with some great center work and a couple of quick back to back goals John McIntyre giving Daniel Hespe first use of the ball and working together for midfield clearances. The Tigers had some great passages of play with Lewis Collett and Liam Dolling combining for a coast to coast goal which seemed to spark the Tigers into action.

The second quarter had the Tigers charging on to close the gap in scoreline, Joe Perry and Alexander Clark working hard to wrestle the ball out of the midfield and get it down to Stacey Hughes and Carolyn Baker in the forward line. The Makos defense in Derek Smith and Bruce McKlintock working hard to move the ball back to the tigers forward line.

In the third quarter the Makos again came out swinging with some quick goals, their forward line getting on the end of some great midfield work, Daniel Connor and Lynsey Torrance keeping the Tigers defense busy with Adam Jack and Jordan Le-Roy managing to curtail the scoring in the later half of the quarter.

By the last quarter it was beginning to show both sides were tiring and the game opened up for a bag of goals. The Makos in Robert McKinlay and Robert McDowall had been great throughout but helped take the game on and show composure when needed.

The Makos ran the game out winners in a very tight game and the player of the day award was shared by two Makos in Daniel Hespe and John McIntyre.

Although this was the last schedule CAFL game there will likely be more dates added and played before the finals so keep an eye out.


Date Time Competition
March 31, 2018 11:00 am CAFL


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Goals Behinds Total
Mako Sharks 33 47 75 96 14 12 96
Tiger Sharks 9 36 63 82 12 10 82


# Player Position CAFL MVP Points
Daniel Connor Forward 9
Robert McKinlay Forward 9
Derek Smith Defender 13
Bruce McLintock Defender 13
Lynsey Torrance Forward 3
John McIntyre Ruckman 17
Daniel Hespe Midfielder 17
Robert McDowall Midfielder 11
DNP Sarahmairead McLachlan 3
Total 95


# Player Position CAFL MVP Points
Alexander Clark Midfield 15
Stacey Hughes Forward 9
Liam Dolling Forward 3
Lewis Collett Defender 3
Carolyn Baker Defender 3
Joe Perry Ruckman 11
Adam Jack Midfielder 15
Jordan Le-Roy Defender 3
Total 62

Cards Keep Momentum


Match Report

After a few very snowy weeks in Glasgow the conditions on the pitch had cleared – weren’t the best but was playable – with the persistent rainfall and soft under foot conditions the game was shortened to two halves.

The first half saw a close battle with surprisingly open passages of play given the conditions both midfields up and about early, the cards dominated the clearances with John McIntyre giving Bruce McLintock and Danny Kay first use of the ball and the Tigers working hard to wrestle back possession with Adam Jack, James Hancock and Joe Perry working well together. The two teams traded goal for goal and going into the break the Cards led by one goal.

The second half saw another tight contest and some impressive work from both defenses Derek Smith of the cards keeping the momentum going and his team on their feet switching into the midfield giving some of the cards a needed rest. Duncan Bertram of the tigers taking some great grabs and working well below his knees to clear the danger in the Tigers back half. The ever dangerous Caroline Sellar keeping the cards defence honest was working hard to move , create space and get to as many contests as possible. The cards forward option Andrew McManus always knew where the goals were and had the confidence to take his shots.

The Cards ran the game out winners and Bruce McLintock gained the player of the day award.


Date Time Competition
March 10, 2018 11:00 am CAFL


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Goals Behinds Total
Tiger Sharks 0 0 10 35 4 11 35
Card Sharks 0 0 16 54 6 8 54


# Player Position CAFL MVP Points
Caroline Sellar Forward 8
Duncan Bertram Defender 10
James Hancock Midfield 12
Joe Perry Ruckman 9
Adam Jack Midfielder 13
Total 52


# Player Position CAFL MVP Points
DNP Daniel Connor Forward 3
Derek Smith Defender 11
Andrew McManus Forward 15
Danny Kay Midfielder 15
Bruce McLintock Midfielder 17
John McIntyre Ruckman 16
Total 77

Cards Steal Win At The End


Match Report

Round 4 started cold and firm underfoot which gave the players on the day something to warm through.

The First Quarter was dominated by Daniel Hepse who was able to break free from the midfield early to give quality service to the Makos forward line with Lewis Collett getting onto a few goals. Although the Makos seemed to have all the momentum and possession the Cards were able to keep the score line tight Pat Cremin working hard to keep the scores close.

Heading into the second exchange the Cards came out swinging and hit the score line more ferocity Richard Swift driving the midfield engine with Caroline Sellar and John McIntyre providing a goal or two shifting the games momentum in favor of the Cards and Bruce McLintock keeping the Makos forward line quiet.

After the half time break the Makos managed to arrest the intensity shift and began to claw back the lead the Cards had accumulated in the second quarter Liam Dolling getting onto a few goals and being assisted around the ground with Melanie McDevitt they managed to get the game to within a kick.

The last quarter of the day was an arm wrestle as both teams had tired from the conditions with both sides utilizing their defense as an offensive option and plenty of run coming from the backline Jimmy Treacy and Adam Jack of the Makos were trying hard to support Joe Perry in the Midfield, while the Cards defense in Derek Smith and Neil Alexander were doing a stellar job, Neil managed to find himself sneaking up forwards and taking a mark as the siren sounded. With his team 5 points down – even though he didnt know this – he took the responsibility to claim the win for the Card Sharks.

The player of the day, and for two rounds in a row, was Daniel Hespe. His two way running really showed how damaging hard effort can be.


Date Time Competition
February 24, 2018 11:00 am CAFL


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Goals Behinds Total
Card Sharks 15 48 65 83 12 11 83
Mako Sharks 22 28 59 82 12 10 82


# Player Position CAFL MVP Points
Derek Smith Defender 9
Caroline Sellar Forward 8
Neil Alexander Defender 11
Richard Swift Midfielder 15
Bruce McLintock Defender 6
Pat Cremin Midfield 13
John McIntyre Ruckman 14
Total 76


# Player Position CAFL MVP Points
Liam Dolling Forward 7
Lewis Collett Forward 5
Melanie McDevitt Forward 4
Jimmy Treacy Defender 10
Joe Perry Ruckman 16
Adam Jack Forward 12
Daniel Hespe Midfielder 17
Total 71

Makos Withstand Tiger Attack


Match Report







Round three was held indoors at Toryglen regional football centre and while the sharks train there regularly on a Tuesday night the size of the pitch is not appreciated until fully opened out and a game played.

The length and width of the pitch is more than we normally play on which leant itself to a higher scoring game less congested and allowing for good ball users to kick to smart leads and hard runners to utilise the space well.

The first quarter saw the Tigers hit the ground running, their midfield breaking out and getting the score on the board early and keeping the pressure on John McIntyre winning the ruck taps and combining with Brett Wolfenden and Alexander Clark often. The Makos fought hard and kept themselves in the game with some great passages of play.

The second quarter kept a similar dynamic from the first, the Tigers using the ball well from the midfield, delivering the ball to Andrew McManus and the forward line and Danny Kay marshalling his side from the back line. The Makos were still in the contest with Duncan Bertram and Pat Cremin working hard to get the ball in dangerous areas.

After half time the Makos found a little spark and hit back with a frantic display with Daniel Hespe providing a contest in the ruck and helping his midfield on the ground too, Joe Perry and Daniel Connor running hard and helping to make the difference in the premiership quarter saw the Makos overturn the advantage the Tigers had and put a little breathing space between them.

Heading into the last the Makos seemingly had a tough job of making sure they kept up the momentum, but they fired on all cylinders and blazed away in the last stanza. Kicking goals hadnt been a problem all day for Caroline Sellar but added a few more in the last. The Tigers tried to mount a come back near the end but with the game ending it was a little late.

Player of the day was Daniel Hespe, keeping his side in the game early on and being instrumental in mounting the Makos resurgence saw him poll well in the votes. Most of the votes on the day (over 75%) being shared between four people! The longer and wider ground showing a different tack and style of play clearly suited to better runners.



Date Time Competition
February 10, 2018 12:00 pm CAFL


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Goals Behinds Total
Tiger Sharks 36 69 83 97 14 13 97
Mako Sharks 22 40 97 123 19 19 123


# Player Position CAFL MVP Votes
Robert McKinlay Defender 7
Alexander Clark Midfield 10
Andrew McManus Forward 10
James Hancock Midfield 7
Danny Kay Defender 3
Lewis Collett Forward 7
Sean Carroll Forward 3
Brett Wolfenden Midfielder 15
Jamesey Drury Defender 2
Andrew Kerr Midfielder 4
John McIntyre Ruckman 11
Total 79


# Player Position CAFL MVP Votes
Daniel Connor Midfielder 2
Derek Smith Defender 3
Caroline Sellar Forward 14
Duncan Bertram Forward 2
Alex Young Ruckman 4
Pat Cremin Midfielder 13
Joe Perry Ruckman 10
Lachie Geddes Forward 3
Simon Bayliss Defender 3
Daniel Hespe Ruckman 16
DNP Sarahmairead McLachlan Forward 2
Total 72

Cards make it second time lucky!


Match Report

After a great opening round that was relatively dry round 2 came as a wet and muddy affair!

The conditions however did not dampen the spirits, enthusiasm or effort of those who took part and for those watching it was a very good game with a variety of close scrappy play and free flowing passages of play.

The first quarter saw the cards come out the traps quick. Adam Jack setting up some nice passages to help team mates finish off with a goal. A Potent forward line of Liam Dolling and Jennifer Treacy gave the cards a clear edge in the first. The Tigers although working hard were having trouble in front of goal, with similar scoring chances they never converted any for a major score.

The Tigers straightened the ship in the second and managed to out score the cards in this quarter. Bruce McLintock was excellent down back providing a clear presence and a rebound to engage with the forward line, who didnt waste a chance in this quarter, Caroline Sellar and Lewis Collett working hard to see their team catch up to the Cards.

The third quarter saw the Tigers mount another hard and impressive performance, the midfield getting on top and the defenders chopping most entries coming their way Pat Cremin showing he is a talent to watch as he took the game on and with Danny Kay providing him the defensive support to run with the ball the Tigers had cut the margin to 11 points going into the last.

The last quarter saw the cards pull away early, with a dominant display from their midfield, Alex Young, James Hancock and Richard Swift taking the game in their hands to drive their team on wards were also assisted with some great overlap to keep the Tigers at bay in the last quarter of the game.

Player of the day was tied between Tigers players Bruce McLintock and Pat Cremin. Both had great games in different areas of the field and were instrumental in the Tiger resurgence in the second and third quarters.


Date Time Competition
January 27, 2018 11:00 am CAFL


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Goals Behinds Total
Card Sharks 24 50 69 110 17 8 110
Tiger Sharks 5 36 58 78 11 12 78


# Player Position CAFL MVP Votes
Alexander Clark Midfield 2
Sarahmairead McLachlan Forward 3
Andrew McManus Forward 2
Duncan Bertram Forward 4
James Hancock Midfield 13
Liam Dolling Forward 14
Richard Swift Ruckman 8
Jarrad Williams Defender 11
Alex Young Ruckman 5
Jennifer Treacy Forward 13
Joe Perry Defender 10
Adam Jack Forward 6
Total 91


# Player Position CAFL MVP Votes
Daniel Connor Midfielder 3
Grant Murray Forward 3
Caroline Sellar Forward 10
Danny Kay Defender 10
Lewis Collett Forward 3
Melanie McDevitt Defender 3
Bruce McLintock Defender 16
Pat Cremin Midfielder 16
John McIntyre Ruckman 8
Derek Smith Midfielder 2
Total 74

Makos Hold Off Cards In Electric Opener








The first round of the CAFL for 2018 got off to a flying start and showcased a lot of new and exciting talent!

In the first quarter of the game the players were still finding their feet after the off-season, a lot of chances missed saw the Makos keep the gate open for the Cards who were using the ball well but couldnt get much use forward of center. Some strong leadership from Danny Kay in the Makos kept their defence tight and focused helping the Makos keep their lead at quarter time.

Leading into the second quarter the Cards were energized and their midfield clicked into gear James Hancock winning a few clean possessions and busting through to deliver to their forward line, Lewis Collett opened his goal scoring account shrugging of a tackle to kick a great goal. The Makos however straightened up their kicking and kept their advantage going into half time.

The Third quarter was frantic, with tiring legs but a determination to push on both teams gave themselves plenty of shots at goal, Brett Wolfenden and Alexander Clark from the Makos showing their running ability and pulling the Makos along. Andrew McManus from the Cards slotted a good goal turning out of trouble to size up the stick.

Heading into the last quarter it was closer than most people thought, with the Makos having a lot of possession but the Cards working hard and using the ball well when they did have possession the scores meant it was all to play for. The Cards didnt stop, with Caroline Sellar trying to create some line breaking run from the back line the Cards kept pressing. In the Midfield John McIntyre for the Cards and Alex Young for the Makos battled hard in the ruck trying to give their play makers first use of the ball. In the end however it was the Makos forward line of Stacey Hughes and Jen Treacey that made the difference firing on all cylinders in the last. The Makos ran out the last quarter well and made the score line reflect the effort they had put in all game.

Player of the day went to Lewis Collett who kicked half the goals for the Cards. Lewis has taken his game to a new level and we hope to see this continue on.


Date Time Competition Season
January 13, 2018 11:00 am CAFL 2018


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Goals Behinds Total
Mako Sharks 2.5 6.7 1.8.10 4.10.13 16 13 109
Card Sharks 1.2 4.6 7.9 10.12 10 12 72


# Player Position CAFL MVP Votes
Alex Young Ruckman 9
Alexander Clark Midfield 11
Grant Murray Forward 3
Stacey Hughes Forward 3
Danny Kay Defender 10
Jarrad Williams Defender 3
Melanie McDevitt Forward 3
Brett Wolfenden Forward 13
Jennifer Treacy Forward 4
Joe Perry Defender 11
DNP Daniel Connor Forward 3
DNP Mark MacFarlane Forward 3
DNP Sarahmairead McLachlan Forward 2
Total 78


# Player Position CAFL MVP Votes
Derek Smith Defender 2
Andrew McManus Forward 7
Caroline Sellar Forward 8
Duncan Bertram Forward 3
James Hancock Midfield 8
Lewis Collett Defender 14
Andrew Kerr Midfielder 2
Orfhlaith McCaughey Defender 3
John McIntyre Ruckman 5
Adam Jack Forward 3
Total 55

Leadership Ground Making Waves

Club captain Adam Jack recently formed his leadership group going forward for the club and already they are stamping their mark on the club and driving standards and building a structured culture.

In discussing the members of the group Jacko said this – “Its a pretty well-rounded group and one I think will help to shape the club in a positive direction. We all bring something else to the group – Competitive passion, Calm and Calculating, charisma, and in-depth knowledge of the game. I challenged them early to set standards while keeping things open to the whole group and I feel they have done that, making the playing group know there are penalties for being late to training and making sure when Stevie (the coach) is talking everyone is listening.”

Daniel Connor, James Hancock, John McIntyre and Adam Jack form the four-person leadership group and as said above have already put some rules/standards in place first of which was being late at training. Being late to training (missing the start of the warm up) will result in two laps of the full pitch being trained on (3 laps if you also didn’t notify anyone you would be late).

The group are looking forward to the year ahead and hope that continued driving forwards of these standards will help build a positive culture around the club.


Preseason Interclub Game

The Sharks held a pre-season interclub friendly Saturday 18th of November at GHA Rugby Club.

The club tried out the new AFL-X rules in the game with an eye on fine tuning how the CAFL would function in 2018.  AFL-X is a shortened format of Aussie Rules.  Designed by the AFL as the way to play the game on Soccer and Rugby fields around the world (which are more accessible than the cricket pitches AFL is normally played on) the game is played with 7 players on the field (two defenders and two attackers must stay within each of the marked out 40 metre arcs before the central bounce) 3 players on the bench.  There are two 40 metre arcs, around both goals, normal scoring is seen within the arcs though and goals scored from outside 40m arc are given 10 points instead of the normal 6.  Quarters are 10 minutes long, the last person to touch the ball before it goes out of play has a free kick payed against them and kicks to team mates behind the kickers position does not incur a mark, instead play continues.  After every goal and behind play starts from a kick in that must be taken from behind the goal line i.e. no goal square.

The interclub game was a fast, free flowing affair with a soft ground everyone tired quickly.  Lots of new faces along mixed with experienced heads meant that there was plenty of opportunities to for our leaders to show how the game is played.  Our more seasoned players took the lead during the game and helped to highlight just how much the AFL-X is focused on quick scoring, end to end football where turning the ball over is much more costly than ever.  Though more impressively our newer players stole the limelight.  Adapting to the sport very quickly and showing a willingness to take the game on was very encouraging.  The game ended in a one point victory with the siren making the last kick of the game, though would have meant a draw, wasn’t counted.

After the game and discussing some aspects of play that suited and those didn’t the CAFL and it’s intention to improve players game understanding, knowledge and skills some of the rules will be adapted for the next outing.

Stephen Connor, Head Coach and umpire during the game said “The style and format of the game was really exciting, scoring was high and I definitely saw that people were encouraged to have a shot from 40m when presented with the option of 10 points and most had the ability to do so, this may help players feel more comfortable scoring from distance. All in all I think this was a great game to watch.”

The club is still looking for newer players and with another interclub game set during December and a few Tuesday trainings between now and then it’s a great time to get along and see what the sports all about. Make sure you let anyone interested know about how to contact us.