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Join The shark Side!

We are ALWAYS looking for new members, it doesn’t matter your ability level, age or gender the only things that matters is that you want to give Aussie Rules a go!

“Give it a try, great fun, great people!”

Who is Aussie Rules For?

Anyone can play our sport and we welcome everyone who wants to try. We have plenty of information on our Homepage telling you what Aussie Rules is and how its played.

We have Mens and Womens teams from ages 16 an up, the first month is free and after that we will ask you to set up a standing order to cover your membership.

All you would need to start is a pair of Shorts, a T-Shirt and Football Boots (though Trainers would do so long as they weather is dry).

Our sport and or club has a place for everyone on the team!

Womens Team.

Our Womens team have been building for a few years now and are always looking for new players keen for a new challenge. Whether you`ve played in organised sports before or not our Womens team are very friendly and supportive.

Mens Team.

Our Mens Team are always looking for new players to boost their numbers and are welcoming of everyone. Whether you`ve played Aussie Rules before or not, if you are keen to give it a go you will be accepted along!


Most of our games played are Full Contact, we recommend that everyone get themselves a mouth guard for games and also for training sessions where we go through proper tackle technique.


We hold a Non-Contact League at the start of the year in the club to help our new players come to grips with the rules and get familiar with playing the game.

Training Sessions.

We train regularly on Tuesday nights, mixed gender, 7:30pm at GHA Rugby Club where the coaches focus on teach the fundamentals of the sport and help educate players on how to play the sport. Training sessions are the easiest way to get involved at the Sharks with the coaches able to take time to show you the skills and introduce you to the playing group. 

There are at times Mens and Womens only training session on Thursday nights as and when the coaches believe would be beneficial to the teams.

What do we expect from you.

While we do welcome everyone who wants to come along to the club we do have a number of standards we expect everyone to hold at the club. 

Communication is Key – We do not expect everyone to make every training session or game however we do expect everyone to make the team manager aware of any time they cannot make it to club organised events. This is key so we may plan effective training sessions and make the most out of our game days.

Communication is Number 1 – We maintain a positive and encouraging culture at the club, so everyone must be positive and constructive in their communication, growth of our club is our number one priority and maintaining a positive atmosphere is first and foremost in achieving this.

Players Code of Conduct – We have a code of conduct that we ask all players to sign to signify they believe and will uphold the standards the other players have set.

What are the costs involved.

Organising an Australian Rules Football club can be very expensive so we rely heavily no the Annual Membership Fees all players pay in order to keep the club running. Without these fees we could not book game day venues, buy new equipment, pay League Association fees and all other costs incurred by the club.

What do we charge?

We take a monthly membership fee over ten months that pays for all your training sessions and game days. The monthly cost is set at £20 (this being the previous £70 annual fee split by 10 and then 6 training session at £2 each plus an extra £1 to help cover the costs for new equipment etc).

This is to be paid by standing order into the club bank account.

We only accept cash by exception and by prior agreement with the club Treasurer or President.

Our payments run from January to October (The period which the club operates games).

All new players can come to all training sessions and games for free for the first month, after this we will ask that you set up a standing order.



For more information on memberships please follow this link – click here.