Pack Animal Fitness helping Sharks ZUU`m back to fitness!

The club have started back training on Thursday night, alongside the main Tuesday session, for the fitness focused session which has saw Dave Grant of Pack Animal Fitness take charge and introduce the Sharks to ZUU!

ZUU is Bodyweight Training that is Low Impact. Created in Australia by Nathan Helberg over a decade ago for Elite Sports & Armed Forces, the ZUU system is now used in over 68 Countries & growing!

Dave has been working with the club through September and everyone who has been along has thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, head coach Adam Jack has had nothing but praise for the workouts – “I cant believe how great my body feels after a workout, the sessions themselves are tough going but I really feel a difference in my joints and muscles the next day, im not as sore as I have been in other workouts and I feel I can move easier too. Dave is a great guy, enthusiastic and knowledgeable, he has even researched our sport to help him explain how ZUU will assist in the game, showing examples of movements that are similar. Dave explains the movements very well drive you to do more, encouraging you every step.”

The next Sharks ZUU session is October 8th at GHA Rugby Club from 8pm, make sure you get along, everyone is invited!