Club Mouthguard Policy


2) Compulsory to HAVE at training.

i) MANDATORY TO BE WORN DURING ALL CONTACT DRILLS (this would include any contested marking work or any bump work with a pad – this is not specific to tackling) – CANNOT PARTICIPATE IN THE DRILL OTHERWISE

ii) Players will be asked to wear for certain warmups/drills to assist in getting used to them – THOUGH NOT COMPULSORY IF YOU DONT HAVE IT WITH YOU – this is to assist with those who have raised concerns about not being comfortable wearing them for long periods, again not compulsory but if you fall into this group of period it is advised

iii) Non Contact drills not mandatory but encouraged similar to point 2ii

3) Fitness Only Sessions you will still require to have it with you, though will only be asked to wear it if contact is foreseen.

These rules will help us minimise risk where contact is expected and also help where it could be innocuous. This helps us make training available to those who forget to bring those but make sure they don’t participate where contact is assured.