Training Details

Training Details.

The Sharks main training sessions are on Tuesday and Thursday nights, with games scheduled on Saturdays (not every Saturday but we do try and have something on most Saturdays)


Tuesday Night.

Tuesdays are the clubs main training session where basic skills and fundamentals of the game are focused on. Here you will learn how kick, mark and handball as well as tackle, move the ball around the field hit passes and score goals. This is done for everyone at the club so this is a mixed gender training session – during pre-season we hold Tuesday Night training at Toryglen Regional Football Centre, indoors to have some light and to minimise weather disruption. Once we have better light conditions we move to GHA Rugby Club for our training session.

Normally 8pm – 9pm when at Toryglen (though this needs to be booked only a week ahead so sometimes we cannot obtain this desired time slot so keep an eye on our communication channels) or 7:30pm – 9pm when at GHA Rugby Club.

Thursday Night.

Thursdays is when the mens and womens team normally separate to focus on team specific structures and tactics, essentially focusing on how we want to play football as apposed to how to play football on Tuesday nights.

Thursday Nights are held exclusively at GHA Rugby Club from 7:30pm – 9pm.

For Pre-Season Thursday nights will be exclusively fitness work for the Mens team, whereas the Womens team will have one week Fitness work the next Squad Specific work. Once the regular season starts Thursdays will be exclusively Squad Specific Training.