Sharks Business Club

What is the Sharks Business Club?

The Glasgow Sharks are committed to establishing reciprocal beneficial partnerships with local businesses to further the clubs ongoing goals and plans.

The Sharks Business Club is a low cost and effective way to support our club and local community. By providing financial assistance you will help ensure we can continue to operate and provide people with a new, fun sport to participate in and interact with their local community.

In return for a dedicated space on our website with your company logo, name and web address – plus a mention on our social media pages, we ask for a £50 donation to the club which secures your spot in the Business Club for that calendar year.

What does this money allow us to do?

  • Provide new equipment for club members.
  • Enable us to advertise effectively and recruit more people to the club.
  • Prepare for training and game days by allowing us to book proper and adequate facilities.

What do you get in return?

  • Dedicated space on our website with your company logo, name and web address.
  • The Business Club will have a weekly mention on our Social Media platforms.
  • Your details will be provided in any home game programmes and email campaigns.

How can you get involved?

Send us an email if you are looking for more information or if you would like to be a Sharks Business Club Partner to