Prices for memberships in 2018 will remain the same as 2017. Though with expected price rises from AFL Scotland/SARFL registrations fees and our public Liability Insurance costs also this will be reviewed for 2019 should these costs be increased.

However, for 2018 our costs will remain the same as before. At the club we try and minimise the financial restraints in participating in sport by keeping our membership costs low, however asking that everyone attends our annual Race Night fundraiser. Without these two revenue streams we wouldn’t not be able to provide access for people to experience and learn our great sport and at the end of the day that is what our club is about getting more people participating in Aussie Rules.

There are two main kinds on Memberships – Playing Membership and Social/Supporting Membership.

Playing members are those who train regularly and intend on playing in at least one of the organised games the club facilitates, be that CAFL, SARFL, Haggis cup or some other tournament. The cost for a playing membership helps to fund and pay for the costs to – AFL Scotland and SARFL registration fees – GHA Rugby Club membership – Public Liabilities Insurance – Costs for umpires from out with the club – Club Trophies/Awards for the Presentation Night. The cost of a playing membership is £50 (£25 if you are a student/apprentice).

Another option for playing members is a Great White Membership. This covers the costs explained above but also covers all your training sessions for the year (01/12/17 – 30/10/18). All indoor and outdoor training sessions on Tuesdays and Saturdays (any other training sessions organised out with these dates would not be covered). A great White Membership costs £150 and can be paid over three instalments.

Social/Supporting Members are those who perhaps cannot commit to training regularly and will not intend on playing any organised games during the year but still wish to contribute to the club. a social/supporting membership is £10.

Memberships will be able to be purchased from the 5th of December at training, you can still forward the monies straight into the club bank account (which is the preferred option) so long as you use your name as a reference and inform either John McIntyre or Daniel Connor that you have taken this option.

All memberships for 2018 must have been bought by February 10th or you must have spoken with John McIntyre or Daniel Connor to discuss how and when you intend to pay your membership.

The Club bank account details to forward your membership payments to  – HSBC  – Sort Code 40-22-47 – Account Number 51196286 – Remember to use your full name as a reference.