The CAFL (Caledonian Australian Football League) is our own interclub league designed to help improve the game knowledge and understanding of our players in a proper game environment while still being fun and non-competitive.

For 2018 we will be taking some aspects from the new AFL-X competition. Designed by the AFL as to how the game should be played on soccer pitches this new format looks fast and free flowing. With 7 players on the field, 3 on the bench, kick ins after goals, last person to touch the ball before it leaves the field of play has a free kick awarded against them and 10-minute quarters, it certainly won’t look too similar to the normal game. Some of the rules we will adopt and some we will trial out.

The dates for our CAFL games have been selected (though we are waiting on final confirmation from GHA rugby club on some dates) these are listed below.

January 13th – Round 1 – GHA Rugby Club – 11am ball up – Makos v Cards

January 27th – Round 2  – GHA Rugby Club – 11am ball up – Cards v Tigers

February 10th – Round 3 – Toryglen Regional Football Centre (Indoors) – 12pm ball up – Tigers v Makos

February 24th – Round 4 – GHA Rugby Club – 11am ball up – Cards v Makos

March 10th – Round 5 – GHA Rugby Club – 11am ball up – Tigers v Cards

March 24th – Round 6 – GHA Rugby Club – 11am ball up – Makos v Tigers