Match Report

After a great opening round that was relatively dry round 2 came as a wet and muddy affair!

The conditions however did not dampen the spirits, enthusiasm or effort of those who took part and for those watching it was a very good game with a variety of close scrappy play and free flowing passages of play.

The first quarter saw the cards come out the traps quick. Adam Jack setting up some nice passages to help team mates finish off with a goal. A Potent forward line of Liam Dolling and Jennifer Treacy gave the cards a clear edge in the first. The Tigers although working hard were having trouble in front of goal, with similar scoring chances they never converted any for a major score.

The Tigers straightened the ship in the second and managed to out score the cards in this quarter. Bruce McLintock was excellent down back providing a clear presence and a rebound to engage with the forward line, who didnt waste a chance in this quarter, Caroline Sellar and Lewis Collett working hard to see their team catch up to the Cards.

The third quarter saw the Tigers mount another hard and impressive performance, the midfield getting on top and the defenders chopping most entries coming their way Pat Cremin showing he is a talent to watch as he took the game on and with Danny Kay providing him the defensive support to run with the ball the Tigers had cut the margin to 11 points going into the last.

The last quarter saw the cards pull away early, with a dominant display from their midfield, Alex Young, James Hancock and Richard Swift taking the game in their hands to drive their team on wards were also assisted with some great overlap to keep the Tigers at bay in the last quarter of the game.

Player of the day was tied between Tigers players Bruce McLintock and Pat Cremin. Both had great games in different areas of the field and were instrumental in the Tiger resurgence in the second and third quarters.


Date Time Competition
January 27, 2018 11:00 am CAFL


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Goals Behinds Total
Card Sharks 24 50 69 110 17 8 110
Tiger Sharks 5 36 58 78 11 12 78


# Player Position CAFL MVP Votes
Alexander Clark Midfield 2
Sarahmairead McLachlan Forward 3
Andrew McManus Forward 2
Duncan Bertram Forward 4
James Hancock Midfield 13
Liam Dolling Forward 14
Richard Swift Ruckman 8
Jarrad Williams Defender 11
Alex Young Ruckman 5
Jennifer Treacy Forward 13
Joe Perry Defender 10
Adam Jack Forward 6
Total 91


# Player Position CAFL MVP Votes
Daniel Connor Midfielder 3
Grant Murray Forward 3
Caroline Sellar Forward 10
Danny Kay Defender 10
Lewis Collett Forward 3
Melanie McDevitt Defender 3
Bruce McLintock Defender 16
Pat Cremin Midfielder 16
John McIntyre Ruckman 8
Derek Smith Midfielder 2
Total 74