Match Report

Round 4 started cold and firm underfoot which gave the players on the day something to warm through.

The First Quarter was dominated by Daniel Hepse who was able to break free from the midfield early to give quality service to the Makos forward line with Lewis Collett getting onto a few goals. Although the Makos seemed to have all the momentum and possession the Cards were able to keep the score line tight Pat Cremin working hard to keep the scores close.

Heading into the second exchange the Cards came out swinging and hit the score line more ferocity Richard Swift driving the midfield engine with Caroline Sellar and John McIntyre providing a goal or two shifting the games momentum in favor of the Cards and Bruce McLintock keeping the Makos forward line quiet.

After the half time break the Makos managed to arrest the intensity shift and began to claw back the lead the Cards had accumulated in the second quarter Liam Dolling getting onto a few goals and being assisted around the ground with Melanie McDevitt they managed to get the game to within a kick.

The last quarter of the day was an arm wrestle as both teams had tired from the conditions with both sides utilizing their defense as an offensive option and plenty of run coming from the backline Jimmy Treacy and Adam Jack of the Makos were trying hard to support Joe Perry in the Midfield, while the Cards defense in Derek Smith and Neil Alexander were doing a stellar job, Neil managed to find himself sneaking up forwards and taking a mark as the siren sounded. With his team 5 points down – even though he didnt know this – he took the responsibility to claim the win for the Card Sharks.

The player of the day, and for two rounds in a row, was Daniel Hespe. His two way running really showed how damaging hard effort can be.


Date Time Competition
February 24, 2018 11:00 am CAFL


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Goals Behinds Total
Card Sharks 15 48 65 83 12 11 83
Mako Sharks 22 28 59 82 12 10 82


# Player Position CAFL MVP Points
Derek Smith Defender 9
Caroline Sellar Forward 8
Neil Alexander Defender 11
Richard Swift Midfielder 15
Bruce McLintock Defender 6
Pat Cremin Midfield 13
John McIntyre Ruckman 14
Total 76


# Player Position CAFL MVP Points
Liam Dolling Forward 7
Lewis Collett Forward 5
Melanie McDevitt Forward 4
Jimmy Treacy Defender 10
Joe Perry Ruckman 16
Adam Jack Forward 12
Daniel Hespe Midfielder 17
Total 71