Club Keeping Track Of All Players Appearances

The club recently trawled through the archives to get as best a list as possible of how many games any shark has ever played for the club. Counting all previous League Games, Individual Haggis Cup Games and other invitational tournaments etc.

The list will be kept up to date going forward and milestone games will be celebrated every 25 games.

With a handful of players having reached 75 games played and a couple passing 100 the club are looking forward to acknowledging the contribution these and other players make helping grow our great club!

Have a look at the list below, if you spot anyone who is missing please get in touch and we can look at amending this.

Games Played For The Club

PlayerGames played
John McIntyre115
Alexander Clark108
Adam Jack98
Andrew Butler78
Andrew Dubojski76
Daniel Connor69
Alex Young65
Derek Smith60
Mark MacFarlane60
Ross Thompson60
Stephen Connor57
Andrew McManus54
James Hancock54
Scott O`hara53
Philip Daly50
Paul Dalziel47
Danny Kay45
Olivier Tresca45
Paul Sweeney45
Stephen Thompson40
Ross Calderwood40
Angus Thomson40
Darren Chadwick40
Stephen O`Kelly40
Robert McKinlay40
Matthew Goodman38
Paul McGavin37
Duncan Bertram37
Alan Bigham34
Martin Bell32
Michael Douglas30
Rob Sloan28
Bryan Martin27
Stacey Hughes26
Graham Wilson26
Michael Tonner24
Sarahmairead McLachlan24
Mark Tonner23
Neil Cooper23
David Baldie23
Campbell Hamilton20
Daniel Hespe20
Caroline Sellar20
Gary Bruce19
Marc Mason19
Jarrad Williams19
Neil Alexander19
Alex Young (AUS)19
Bruce McLintock17
Lewis Collett17
Les Burke16
Lee Murray15
Johnathon Tatnell15
Liam Dolling15
Chris Sproule15
Jamie Christie15
Marc Cummaudo15
David Smith14
Mark Goddard14
Carolyn Baker14
Robert McDowall14
Chris McGovern14
Grant Murray13
Melanie McDevitt13
Mark Cadman13
Liam Skidmore13
Daniel Collett13
Orfhlaith McCaughey12
Iain McCreadie12
Richard Swift11
Brett Wolfenden10
John Clarke10
Jennifer Treacy10
Matthew Miller10
Ed Jones9
Christina Chappell8
Nicole Gainska8
Lou Smith7
Ellie Sutherland7
Thomas McBride7
Dean Wright6
Carrie Ní Láimhín6
Lynsey Torrance6
Andrew McAlister6
William Irvine6
Helen Niven5
Alexander Egan5
John Karpa5
Caitlin Buchanan4
Steve Poepjes4
Sean Cassidy4
Claire McClintock4
Scott Adams4
Kieran Noble3
James MacArthur3
Peter McGowan3
Hazel Stevenson3
Katie Murdock3
Louise Hood3