Club mainstay roars to game 125!

John McIntyre
sco Scotland

Club President and Mens Ruck John McIntyre will be marching onwards into his 125th game pulling on the blue and white of the Sharks in the first league game of the season against the Tigers, a number unrivalled by anyone at the club past or present.

A tremendous player who always gives more than he’s got playing in the unenviable crash and bash of the ruck, John’s courage, determination and grit always earns him the admiration of his teammates. Off the field John wears many hats, he is the club President, the Mens team manager, assistant coach and don’t forget the general problem solver. To say he is the glue that holds this club together would be an understatement

Head Coach Adam Jack was asked to try and describe Johns value to the club.

“Clubs don’t survive without people like John, he does all the mundane behind the scenes stuff, always with a smile on his face. He is a natural leader, he deals with all the crap that goes on in amateur sport’s, always working to get the best for the club. He makes sure everyone has every bit of information that’s needed and he is always working on a new drill or on improving existing ones to better suit our game plan. The list just goes on and on, there really isn’t enough words to describe what a sensational job he does. On field he is a workhorse, he always gives everything he has. He is tough and uncompromising when he needs to be and is always encouraging and helping teammates get the best out of themselves. He has certainly came a long way from the guy who spent the majority of his very first training session at a soaking wet Glasgow Green on his backside because he was in trainers not boots. 125 games is a fantastic effort and we are all proud of him.”

We managed to speak with John and asked him to tell us what keeps him coming back to the club

“Its the people. Being part of a community that’s working towards similar goals – wanting to be a better player, wanting to work on my fitness, wanting to have fun but having similar things that get in the way of that, life, work and other commitments. Having another family around you experiencing those same feelings and helping/encouraging each other try and reach those goals is a special feeling. I love seeing people buy into everything the club offers and equally love to see people join in where they can. The club tries to offer something for everyone and I love that we – mostly – are able to do that!”

John stands atop of the leaderboard of games played, his accomplishments both on and off the field are the stuff of legend hopefully the sun shines over Glasgow at the weekend and the game goes in our favour!