CAFL Round 3


Toryglen Regional Football Centre
480 Prospecthill Rd, Glasgow G42 0BY







Round three was held indoors at Toryglen regional football centre and while the sharks train there regularly on a Tuesday night the size of the pitch is not appreciated until fully opened out and a game played.

The length and width of the pitch is more than we normally play on which leant itself to a higher scoring game less congested and allowing for good ball users to kick to smart leads and hard runners to utilise the space well.

The first quarter saw the Tigers hit the ground running, their midfield breaking out and getting the score on the board early and keeping the pressure on John McIntyre winning the ruck taps and combining with Brett Wolfenden and Alexander Clark often. The Makos fought hard and kept themselves in the game with some great passages of play.

The second quarter kept a similar dynamic from the first, the Tigers using the ball well from the midfield, delivering the ball to Andrew McManus and the forward line and Danny Kay marshalling his side from the back line. The Makos were still in the contest with Duncan Bertram and Pat Cremin working hard to get the ball in dangerous areas.

After half time the Makos found a little spark and hit back with a frantic display with Daniel Hespe providing a contest in the ruck and helping his midfield on the ground too, Joe Perry and Daniel Connor running hard and helping to make the difference in the premiership quarter saw the Makos overturn the advantage the Tigers had and put a little breathing space between them.

Heading into the last the Makos seemingly had a tough job of making sure they kept up the momentum, but they fired on all cylinders and blazed away in the last stanza. Kicking goals hadnt been a problem all day for Caroline Sellar but added a few more in the last. The Tigers tried to mount a come back near the end but with the game ending it was a little late.

Player of the day was Daniel Hespe, keeping his side in the game early on and being instrumental in mounting the Makos resurgence saw him poll well in the votes. Most of the votes on the day (over 75%) being shared between four people! The longer and wider ground showing a different tack and style of play clearly suited to better runners.



Date Time League Season
February 10, 2018 12:00 pm CAFL 2018


Tiger Sharks36698397141397
Mako Sharks2240971231919123

Tiger Sharks

# Player Position CAFL MVP Points Goals
Robert McKinlay-70
Alexander ClarkMidfield100
Andrew McManusForward100
James HancockMidfield70
Danny KayDefence30
Lewis CollettForward70
Sean Carroll-30
Brett Wolfenden-150
Jamesey Drury-20
Andrew Kerr-40
John McIntyreRuck110
 Total 790

Mako Sharks

# Player Position CAFL MVP Points Goals
Daniel Connor-20
Derek Smith-30
Caroline SellarForward140
Duncan BertramForward20
Alex YoungRuck40
Pat Cremin-130
Joe PerryRuck100
Lachie Geddes-30
Simon Bayliss-30
Daniel HespeRuck160
DNPSarahmairead McLachlanForward20
 Total 720