Irish Warrior Reaches 50 Game Milestone

Philip Daly
irl Ireland
Defence, Midfield


Premiership midfielder and elite runner Phil Daly will clock 50 games at the Sharks when he steps onto the field this Saturday to play the Giants. Now a key part in the Sharks defence Phil uses his speed and strength to power passed the opposition.


Head Coach Adam Jack was asked what it is like to coach Phil – “Phil is delight to coach, always willing to listen and learn he absorbs information on the game like a sponge. He has electric speed and uses it to his advantage regularly closing down unsuspecting forwards in his regular domain across halfback. It’s not uncommon to see our forward thrusts generate from his run and carry and he is given an attacking licence to do so. Congratulations on 50 games Phil”


In anticipation of this coming Milestone, Phil was asked to reflect on his time at the Sharks.  – “I’m really looking forward to my 50th. I started playing footy in Melbourne 6 years ago. I never thought 6 years later I would be here in Glasgow still playing the game I love with a really solid bunch of lads. It’s a real joy to play and socialise with this group week in week out. I feel really lucky to be a part of this merry crew.”