Leadership Ground Making Waves

Club captain Adam Jack recently formed his leadership group going forward for the club and already they are stamping their mark on the club and driving standards and building a structured culture.

In discussing the members of the group Jacko said this – “Its a pretty well-rounded group and one I think will help to shape the club in a positive direction. We all bring something else to the group – Competitive passion, Calm and Calculating, charisma, and in-depth knowledge of the game. I challenged them early to set standards while keeping things open to the whole group and I feel they have done that, making the playing group know there are penalties for being late to training and making sure when Stevie (the coach) is talking everyone is listening.”

Daniel Connor, James Hancock, John McIntyre and Adam Jack form the four-person leadership group and as said above have already put some rules/standards in place first of which was being late at training. Being late to training (missing the start of the warm up) will result in two laps of the full pitch being trained on (3 laps if you also didn’t notify anyone you would be late).

The group are looking forward to the year ahead and hope that continued driving forwards of these standards will help build a positive culture around the club.