Match Report

The last scheduled round of the CAFL was a high scoring and tough affair!

Both sides were competing for something, the Tigers were looking for the first win of the season and the Makos looking to finish first on the ladder.

The first quarter saw the Makos make a strong statement with some great center work and a couple of quick back to back goals John McIntyre giving Daniel Hespe first use of the ball and working together for midfield clearances. The Tigers had some great passages of play with Lewis Collett and Liam Dolling combining for a coast to coast goal which seemed to spark the Tigers into action.

The second quarter had the Tigers charging on to close the gap in scoreline, Joe Perry and Alexander Clark working hard to wrestle the ball out of the midfield and get it down to Stacey Hughes and Carolyn Baker in the forward line. The Makos defense in Derek Smith and Bruce McKlintock working hard to move the ball back to the tigers forward line.

In the third quarter the Makos again came out swinging with some quick goals, their forward line getting on the end of some great midfield work, Daniel Connor and Lynsey Torrance keeping the Tigers defense busy with Adam Jack and Jordan Le-Roy managing to curtail the scoring in the later half of the quarter.

By the last quarter it was beginning to show both sides were tiring and the game opened up for a bag of goals. The Makos in Robert McKinlay and Robert McDowall had been great throughout but helped take the game on and show composure when needed.

The Makos ran the game out winners in a very tight game and the player of the day award was shared by two Makos in Daniel Hespe and John McIntyre.

Although this was the last schedule CAFL game there will likely be more dates added and played before the finals so keep an eye out.


Date Time Competition
March 31, 2018 11:00 am CAFL


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Goals Behinds Total
Mako Sharks 33 47 75 96 14 12 96
Tiger Sharks 9 36 63 82 12 10 82


# Player Position CAFL MVP Points
Daniel Connor Forward 9
Robert McKinlay Forward 9
Derek Smith Defender 13
Bruce McLintock Defender 13
Lynsey Torrance Forward 3
John McIntyre Ruckman 17
Daniel Hespe Midfielder 17
Robert McDowall Midfielder 11
DNP Sarahmairead McLachlan 3
Total 95


# Player Position CAFL MVP Points
Alexander Clark Midfield 15
Stacey Hughes Forward 9
Liam Dolling Forward 3
Lewis Collett Defender 3
Carolyn Baker Defender 3
Joe Perry Ruckman 11
Adam Jack Midfielder 15
Jordan Le-Roy Defender 3
Total 62