Melanie McDevitt – Why I joined The Shark Side

Name: Mel McDevitt

Age: 37

Where do you live? Blanefield

How did you hear about the Sharks? Friends I played rugby with told me about it.

What gave you the idea to come along for your first training session? The same rugby mates encouraged me to go along to the Haggis Cup. I went to watch and ended up playing. Loved it and found out a bit more about training and joined in.

Why do you keep coming back, what do you enjoy the most? I enjoy the atmosphere. Anyone’s welcome and everyone is really positive. It doesn’t matter how good you are, what age, gender…everyone is just as welcome and will get around each other and help out.

If you were to speak to someone unsure whether they should come along what would you tell them? What’s to lose? It’s a really fun way to get fit and make new mates. There will be a place for you no matter where you’re starting from.

Your first month at the club is completely free and all you would need to start is a pair of football boots, Shorts/T-Shirt and a keen attitude to give Aussie Rules a try!

Training and games are held at GHA Rugby Club, for more info please contact us –