Player Memberships

Brief Overview.

  • £20pm – Most members.
  • £15pm – First year members and full time students.
  • Under 18s play and train free.
  • Paid By Standing Order By Every player
  • For 2021 – Annual (5 month June-October) commitment, not pay monthly.


Organising an Australian Rules Football club can be very expensive so we rely heavily on the Annual Membership Fees all players pay in order to keep the club running. Without these fees we could not book game day venues, buy new equipment, pay League Association fees and all other costs incurred by the club.

What do we charge?

We take a monthly membership fee over ten months that pays for all your training sessions and game days. The monthly cost is set at £20 (this being the previous £70 annual fee split by 10 and then 6 training session at £2 each plus an extra £1 to help cover the costs for new equipment etc).

This is to be paid by standing order into the club bank account.

We only accept cash by exception and by prior agreement with the club Treasurer or President.

Our payments run from November to August (The period which the club operates games).

All new players can come to all training sessions and games for free for the first month, after this we will ask that you set up a standing order.

What happens if you fall behind?
Players who fall behind on their player fees without prior agreement will become ineligible to play in games or tournaments, and may also be unable to train with the team until their debt is cleared.

We provide a regular update to players on thier memberships being recieved and are always happy confirm on request. We are also happy to share or answer questions on all aspects of our income and expenditure.

Other Costs?

Your playing membership covers you for all your training sessions and game day fees but what is not covered that you would need to be aware of.

  • Travel costs, either to training or games.
  • Team social events.
  • We will provide you with playing Kit (Top, Shorts and Socks) but we do not provide playing football boots or mouthguards.

Any other Questions?

Why can’t I just give you cash?

A standing order makes life easier for you and us. Firstly, once you set it up and if you continue to pay it regularly – that’s you. No chasing required! Making a bank payment also protects you and us – it gives us both an indisputable record of what you’ve paid and when. Our club staff are also all volunteers, which can make it difficult to get to a bank during the week.

What is a standing order?

This is a regular payment from your bank account to our bank account. Bank account details are available on request, and are regularly shared in our team Facebook pages. You can usually set up a standing order in your online banking, or via telephone banking. Alternatively, you can go into your branch. Always make sure your name is in the reference field so we know who it’s from.

I’ve quit the team part way through the season – why do I still need to pay?

We charge an annual fee, not a monthly one. We base our budget on the number of players we have on the playing list for the season ahead. We ask players to sign a player agreement committing to pay the full fee for the year ahead. This usually takes place just before the start of the season, at the point we expect players to have decided if they wish to play with us this year and fully commit to the club. Think of it like a phone contract that you agree to pay on a monthly basis for a certain period of time, not pay as you go.

We will also always treat each case individually where injury or other extenuating circumstances apply.

What if i’m having money problems?

We know that sometimes life doesn’t go quite to plan – so if you find yourself in financial difficulties, let us know as soon as possible so we can discuss your circumstances and agree a way forward. Please don’t just ignore the problem.

I left ages ago – why are you still taking money from my bank account?

Standing orders are not the same as direct debits. A standing order can only be cancelled by the account holder – in other words, it has to be you who tells your bank online, on the phone or in person to stop making the payment. Unlike a direct debit, we can’t do this for you. We can’t even see what bank the money comes from! It’s your responsibility to cancel any payments to us. Should any overpayment occur due to a player’s failure to cancel a standing order, we will only return a maximum of £100 of any overpayment. We will, of course, inform players if we spot continuing standing order activity that continues for months – as long as you’ve clearly communicated to our treasurer or chairman that you’ve left our organisation.

Where does my money go?

All money the money your pay in is spent on running our club. This means paying for training facilities, gameday venues, team registration fees, gameday officials, first aid supplies, training and development for our coaching staff amongst many other things. We are working on obtaining Community Amateur Sports Club status with HMRC, and are an entirely non-profit making organisation. No one takes a salary, no expenses are refunded for travel or other costs incurred by our club officers or coaches when on club business.

What are our banking details?

Our account details to pay your standing order into are: –

Name of bank – RBS

Sort Code – 83-16-04

Account Number – 00628969