Premiership Warrior Brings Up 50 Games

Duncan Bertram
eng England
Past Teams
North London Lions

Duncan Bertram will step out to play game 50 for the Sharks this Saturday against the Eagles!

Duncan joined the Sharks in 2016. Moving to Glasgow from London Duncs had played for the North London Lions and brought with him a good sense on how football should be played and a great attack on the ball. Some say (Duncs says) he was the reason for the club premiership that year.

We asked Head Coach Adam Jack to give his thoughts on Duncs;

“Duncs is a very versatile player, he has the unique ability to play in almost every position on the filed. This ability affords us the opportunity to have a really strong balance within in the team come selection. Hes a leader both on and off the field and is constantly setting standard on fitness, skills and game knowledge and that shows in the effort he puts in every time he takes to the track. Duncs put tremendous pressure on in our forward line and is holding down that spot this year!

We also caught up with Duncan to ask him to reflect on his time with the Sharks;

“I joined the Sharks back in 2016 and immediately felt right at home. I was lucky enough to join the club in what came to be a historic year, winning the Grand Final. One of my favorite memories from hat day was back at GHA Rugby Club, with Jacko filling the SARFL Trophy with around £100 worth of booze for a toast only for Danny Kay to stagger over and kick it over. If it had been any other day I think Jacko would’ve killed him!

I love the atmosphere at the club and I am impressed at how its grown particulalrly in the last few years under Jackos leadership. Its fantasttic to see 30+ people at every training session, driven by the growth in the Womens team in particular. the coaching team foster a great environment where there is no such thing as a stupid question and they offer tips for improvement right throigh the squad, from total newcomers to guys and girls who have played 500-100 games. Even now im seeing continual improvement and thats down to the 1-1 coaching and development you get. The club also gives more expeicned players the opportunity to get invloved in coaching and developmentwhere apporpriate, whch has been hugley rewarding for me. Ive loved seeing new players come along and become equally attached to the sport we all love.

I’m Humbled by the amount of effort put in by John, Jacko and the wider coaching team and committee so id like to take this opportunity to thank them!

Hopefully we will be back at the big dance before long and be able to finally finish that toast from 2016.”

As one of only 6 premiership Sharks on the field come Saturday lets hope Duncs can snag a few goals and help get the Sharks over the line!