Sharks Star Leaps Up To Grab Game 25

Matthew Miller
aus Australia

Matthew Miller reaches game 25 this weekend against the Eagles!

Matthew jumped into the Sharks squad a few years ago and has been grabbing big marks and kicking big goals ever since. A much loved and respected player Matty has reach game 25 quite quickly which shows how he has cemented his spot in the team.

We caught up with Head Coach Adam Jack to gain a better perspective on Matthew;

“Matty is another great player we have here at the Sharks, he is our Swiss Army knife. Matty`s skill set allows him to play in almost every position on the field and over the journey we probably have done exactly that. Though it’s in the forward line where he excels, he reads the ball flight extremely well allowing him to get into position to out mark his opponents. He has been known to take the odd hanger or two but importantly if he doesn’t take the mark he brings the ball to ground for our smalls to get to work. Although he is a high flyer, when the ball is on the deck he is always leading the charge to put on defensive pressure making sure the ball doesn’t come out easily. 25 Games is a great achievement in our short seasons and we hope he celebrates a few more milestones.”

We also spoke with Matthew to ask, what excites him about Aussie Rules and why does he keep playing?

“In my school days I played football mostly because I enjoyed contact sports and being a forward kicking a few lucky goals! Football for me was a way to escape study and improve fitness in a fun way. Occasionally taking high flyers above packs was an adrenaline rush I loved! Nowadays, I play for the social aspect, regular exercise and mental health benefits. I found playing football in the UK was a fantastic way to meet new people and make new friends. That said my ambition is to bring home a well deserved premiership cup for the Sharks in 2022!!”

We cant wait to see Matty take a hanger and kick a few goals this Saturday!