Match Report

The Sharks traveled to Edinburgh for the second game in the SARFL May 12th. Both the Sharks and the bloods had comprehensive wins in their first games and the two rivals were looking to extend their winning ways.
As the first quarter started it was quick to see the Sharks had started slowly. The Bloods were taking advantage of the time and space the Sharks were allowing them, getting on the score board early. The Sharks kept in touch and with more shots on goal inaccuracy was an issue, big goals from the forwards meant the Sharks went into the first break having been outplayed but up by 3 points.
The Sharks sluggish start continued into the second quarter and the teams structure had fallen aside. The Bloods pushed to take hold of the game but could not assert a commanding lead the Sharks didn’t improve much on the score board but had seemingly weathered the most their opposition could throw being down only 9 points.
The third quarter is where the Sharks took charge and tightened up their play. The Sharks midfield had been dominant all day but were finally getting real reward for their effort. James Hancock having been instrumental in keeping the Sharks close on the score board was getting more time and space around the ball, Alex Young competing well in the Ruck to give the midfield their chances. Liam Dolling had been unusually quiet to half time made amends in this quarter and made his presence felt up forward. Heading into the last quarter the Sharks overturned their deficit and took a 16 point lead.
Heading into the last quarter the Sharks had all the momentum and belief in their ability to run out games strongly and this belief proved to be well founded. The midfield continued their dominance and was allowing for the Sharks forwards to capitalise. The quarter finished with the hard work having been done early and the Sharks coming away with their second with in a row, away from home.
The Sharks player of the day was Liam Dolling for his hard work to get himself into the game.
The club backs up next week with another away trip to the Kangaroos on the 19th.


Date Time Competition Season
May 12, 2018 2:00 pm SARFL 2018


Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Goals Behinds Total
Edinburgh Bloods 21 40 55 71 10 11 71
Glasgow Sharks 23 31 71 100 14 16 100


# Player Position Goals
Daniel Connor Forward
Robert McKinlay Defender
Derek Smith Defender
Alexander Clark Midfield
Duncan Bertram Forward
James Hancock Midfield 5
Danny Kay Defender
Liam Dolling Forward 4
Lewis Collett Defender
Alex Young Ruckman
Brett Wolfenden Forward 5
Philip Daly Defender
Daniel Hespe Midfield
John McIntyre Ruckman
Adam Jack Defender
Total 14