Star Shark Dominates 25 Games

Daniel Hespe
aus Australia

Daniel Hespe charges through his first 25 games at the club and sets the standard for anyone following!

Hespe has been at the club a while but through moving back to Aus, COViD and other commitments only reaches game 25 this weekend. As big a personality as he is a player Hespe`s presence on the field or in the pub makes everyone walk taller.

Head Coach Adam Jack spoke to us on how much energy Hespe brings to a side;

“Hespa is an exceptional player, he is highly skilled, has a very high footy IQ and has a tank that gives him the ability to run all day. Opponents fear his attack on the ball and his teammates grow an extra leg and when he runs out with them. He clearly loves his footy and that becomes blatantly obvious when you watch him train or play with the effort and energy that he dose, he has an infectious outlook on the game and celebrates the little things just as hard as the big things with his almost legendary “get around him” shout. He plays high energy footy and his teammates feed off that, while he is one of the better players running around he gets the most joy by bringing others into the play. 25 games is a great achievement in our short seasons, we which him all the best.”

We asked Daniel to tell us what keeps him coming back to footy, what excites him to play.

“The reason I keep playing Aussie Rules is for the love of the game. Its a connection to back home. Ive been playing since I was 6 years old and I just love it, its great to be part of a team and feel that great buzz you can only get from playing team sports!”

Lets hope the guys can “Get around him” on the weekend after a win!