Third Centurion At The Club

Adam Jack
aus Australia

Club Captain/Coach Adam Jack will reach game 100 this weekend when he pulls on the Sharks top to face the Tigers.

An outstanding player who has won just about all the awards at the club and has been involved in the club committee for as long as hes been a member.

Club President John McIntyre told us how valuable Adam is to the club.

“Jacko achievements and contributions give for a very long reading list but to simply boil Adams involvement down to quantifiable trophies etc would do the him a disservice. Adam is constantly working on something for the club. Whether that’s training plans, new drills, creating videos and snapshots of AFL games to highlight why the teams work on things at training, planning fundraisers, messaging people to see how they’re getting on or turning up to every Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday session that’s on, plus social events. What Adam gives back to the club cant be fully appreciated in text format but everyone at the club knows how much he puts in and are very grateful to him. Its not surprising to see him reach this milestone but its always surprising to see that he has the same amount of energy and enthusiasm to push the club forwards that he did when I joined. Its a massive achievement and one he should be proud of.”

We also caught up with Jacko to ask him a few questions and reflect on what this means to him.

Whats does it mean to you to play 100 games for the Sharks?

“So initially its not something you think about, when I first got to the Sharks I was just excited to be playing games again because when I moved to Scotland I thought I wouldn’t play again. I must admit though as its gotten closer I have reflected on it a bit and yeah it means a lot especially when you consider when I started playing there were only 3 teams in Scotland so you weren’t getting many games back then, throw in a year out with a knee reconstruction and that makes it pretty special.”

Since Joining the club you’ve done mostly everything there is to do! Won awards, served on the committee, played games, been captain, coaches and seen a lot of people come and go. Other than a clear love of the sport what drives you to give all you can to the club?

“I love being around the club atmosphere. Footy clubs are a second family and you do anything for family. I want to see this club last forever so people can continue coming along throughout the years and be able to get the same enjoyment as I do from the games.”

You join a small group of players to reach 100 games. Does it mean more to you that its a small group and that the other members are family?

Yeah it is pretty special to join a small group and it fills me with pride to be able to join my two brother-in-laws, who I see are just my brothers in the 100 club. Its a small group now but I hope it grows over time because if it does that means people are staying at the club and in the game. If they are doing that then we are getting something right at the club!

Hopefully both the Womens and Mens sides can get a win for Jacko at the weekend!